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CMI Sales and Cogan: A Partnership Built to Last

Cogan cantilever racking.

When it comes to warehousing and storage solutions in Western Canada, CMI Sales stands out as the most trusted provider. With their unwavering commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, CMI Sales has earned a reputation that speaks for itself. One key factor contributing to their success is their proud relationship with Cogan, a company with a century-long legacy of quality and innovation.

Cogan: A Legacy of Excellence

Cogan's journey began over a hundred years ago, with humble roots that have since grown into a company of over 150 employees. Today, they operate from a vast 100,000+ square foot manufacturing facility, showcasing their commitment to producing top-tier products.

Cogan mezzanine racking.

Whether you require a mezzanine, racking systems, guardrail barriers, wire mesh partitions, or storage lockers, Cogan has the expertise to get it right. Their dedication to professionalism is well-known among their satisfied clients, as they consistently deliver products that exceed expectations. Cogan products are engineered to last a lifetime, reflecting their dedication to manufacturing industry leading products.

A Seamless Journey

As CMI Sales has solidified itself as Western Canada's leading provider of warehousing and storage solutions, their relationship with Cogan represents a perfect synergy of two companies dedicated to quality, longevity, and customer satisfaction.

When you choose CMI Sales and Cogan, you're not just investing in your facility and operations; you're investing in warehousing solutions built to last. Together, they are redefining excellence in the industry and ensuring that businesses across Western Canada have access to the very best in warehousing and storage solutions.

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