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Elevating Workplace Safety Standards with A-SAFE

In the dynamic realm of workplace safety, strategic partnerships can drive innovation and reshape industry standards. In collaboration, CMI Sales and A-Safe are dedicated to delivering cutting-edge safety solutions for businesses.

CMI Sales, a renowned leader in industrial equipment and safety solutions, has forged a strategic alliance with A-Safe, a global pioneer in workplace safety barriers. This partnership aims to elevate industrial safety safety standards by combining CMI Sales' extensive facilities experience with A-Safe's innovative products.

At the core of this collaboration is a shared commitment to providing businesses with top-tier solutions that prioritize both asset protection and personnel well-being. A-Safe's advanced polymer safety barriers, known for their impact resilience, offer a unique blend of flexibility and strength to effectively absorb and dissipate impact forces. This not only prevents damage to infrastructure but also significantly reduces the risk of employee injuries.

CMI Sales is proud to provide and install A-SAFE's cutting-edge solutions in a variety of commercial and industrial facilities, empowering businesses of all sizes to create safer work environments.

A-SAFE Height Restrictors
A-SAFE Height Restrictors

A-Safe's range of height restrictors, now available through CMI Sales, serves as a prime example. These restrictors not only prevent collisions and protect infrastructure but also serve as a visual warning for drivers.

A-SAFE Column Guards
A-SAFE Column Guards.

A-Safe's Corner and Column Guards provide a comprehensive solution to protect columns from impact damage, offering visual guidance to drivers and ensuring the longevity of infrastructure. As part of CMI Sales' distributed offerings, businesses can seamlessly integrate these guards into their existing safety measures.

A-SAFE Pedestrian Barriers
A-SAFE Pedestrian Barriers

CMI Sales is further expanding its product portfolio through the collaboration, making A-Safe's advanced pedestrian barriers more widely available. These barriers not only effectively segregate pedestrians but also provide clear visual guidance, minimizing the risk of accidents in high-traffic areas.

A-SAFE Rack End Barriers
A-SAFE Rack End Barriers

Inclusion in CMI Sales' lineup extends to A-Safe's warehouse rack end barriers, offering robust protection for vulnerable racking. These barriers absorb and deflect repeat glancing blows and defend against impacts from vehicle forks. As part of CMI Sales' distributed offerings, businesses can fortify their warehouse infrastructure with these highly effective rack end barriers.

As businesses increasingly prioritize a proactive approach to workplace safety, the CMI Sales and A-Safe partnership responds to this growing demand. By combining CMI Sales' distribution prowess with A-Safe's innovative safety solutions, the collaboration is set to make significant contributions to raising safety standards across industries. Through this partnership, businesses now have access to a comprehensive suite of safety solutions that protect assets, infrastructure, and, most importantly, prioritize the well-being of their personnel.

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