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Our Heavy-Duty Bow Rake features a robust wood handle, a 15" blade, and 15 heat-treated steel tines designed for heavy-duty work. With its durable construction and ergonomic design, this rake is the perfect tool for demanding landscaping, farming, and gardening tasks.


The smooth, finished wood handle provides a comfortable grip while preventing splinters, and the long handle offers leverage for more substantial jobs. Whether you're preparing soil for planting, removing debris, or leveling gravel, this Heavy-Duty Bow Rake is up to the challenge.


Trust us to provide you with the dependable tools you need to get the job done right.


●Handle Material: Wood

● Tines: 15

● Blade Material: Carbon Steel

● Blade Width: 15"

● Blade Height: 6"

● Handle Lenght: 58"

● Overall Lenght: 64"

● Gauge No: 12


AURORA TOOLS - Heavy Duty Bow Rake, Wood Handle

SKU: NN242
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