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Our Heavy-Duty Square Shovel with a fiberglass shaft, carbon steel blade, and straight handle measuring 47-1/2" long is the perfect tool for heavy-duty digging and excavation work. The heat-treated carbon steel blade can easily penetrate through tough soil and surfaces, making it ideal for landscaping, gardening, and construction work.


The fiberglass shaft provides exceptional strength and durability while reducing the overall weight of the tool. The straight handle offers precise control and comfortable use, allowing you to dig with ease. The square-shaped blade is perfect for digging and scooping soil and materials, making this shovel a versatile tool for any outdoor enthusiast.


This Heavy-Duty Square Shovel is built to last and is an essential tool for anyone who needs to dig in tough soil conditions. Trust us to provide you with the high-quality tools you need to get the job done right.


● Blade Size: 11"x9"

● Blade Material: Carbon Steel

● Handle Material: Fibreglass

● Handle Type: Straight

● Handle Lenght: 47-1/2"

● Overall Lenght: 56.5"

AURORA TOOLS - Heavy-Duty Square Shovel, Fibreglass, Carbon Steel Blade

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