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CocoAbsorb™ is an environmentally-friendly absorbent that can be used to clean up spills in different settings such as homes, businesses, and industries. It is composed entirely of coconut byproducts, which were previously considered waste. The absorbent material is natural and renewable, making it safe for use and effective in soaking up various liquids, regardless of their thickness.


CocoAbsorb™ stands out because of its ability to quickly turn hazardous spills into solid, easier-to-manage substances. This is due to its unique porous honeycomb structure, which provides greater surface area and surface tension for maximum absorption. Additionally, CocoAbsorb™ can encapsulate and absorb up to nine times its mass in fluids, which means that less of the product is required to clean up a large spill compared to traditional clay-based absorbents. This saves both time and money, making CocoAbsorb™ a practical and cost-effective solution for spill cleanup.


CocoAbsorb - Absorbent 35L Bag

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