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These Light-Duty Econocarts™ Box Trucks are made of durable black recycled plastic and are perfect for small to medium sized loads. With a volume capacity of 12 cubic feet and a weight capacity of 200 pounds, these box trucks can easily transport items such as packages, tools, and other materials.


The compact size and lightweight construction make these box trucks easy to maneuver in tight spaces and narrow aisles. These box trucks are ideal for use in warehouses, retail stores, and other commercial settings where lightweight and easy-to-use transportation is necessary.


● Volume Capacity: 12 cu. ft.

● Weight Capacity: 200lbs.

● Bin Material: Black Recycled Plastic.

● Overall Lenght: 39".

● Overall Width: 27".

● Overall Height: 29".

● Caster Placement: Corner Standard.

● Caster Size: 3"

● Inside Height: 25".

● Inside Lenght: 35".

● Inside Width: 23".

● Weight: 30lbs.

● Base: Plywood.

● Color: Black.

TECHSTAR PLASTICS - Light-Duty Econocarts™ Box Truck, 200lbs Capacity

SKU: NA005
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