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Experience unparalleled hand protection with our Impact & Cut Resistant Gloves. Crafted with a durable goatskin palm, these gloves offer exceptional abrasion resistance and a secure grip for enhanced dexterity. The driver cuff design ensures a comfortable fit and easy donning. Engineered with advanced impact and cut resistance, these gloves provide reliable defense against potential hazards in high-risk work environments.


Whether you're handling heavy machinery, working in construction, or engaging in industrial tasks, our Impact & Cut Resistant Gloves are designed to keep your hands safe and protected. Choose the superior quality and reliable performance that our gloves offer for a confident and secure work experience.


Small [SGW905]

Medium [SGW906]

Large [SGW907]

X-Large [SGW908]

ZENITH SAFETY PRODUCTS Impact & Cut Resistant Gloves, Goatskin Palm

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