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Enhance your operational resilience and put safety first.

Micro Barriers

Micro Barriers.png

Ensure organized traffic flow and safety by segregating light-duty vehicles, use barriers to protect walls and machinery, enhance longevity by shielding structures from wear and tear, and streamline inventory management through clear delineation of storage zones, ultimately promoting a safe and efficient working environment.

Double Traffic Barriers

Double Traffic Barriers.png

Enhance workplace safety and operational efficiency in high-traffic environments by segregating larger-mass heavy-duty vehicles, implementing protective measures for buildings and equipment, and clearly defining and defending heavy vehicle routes for a secure and organized workspace.

Single Traffic Barriers

Single Traffic Barriers.png

Optimize traffic management and ensure a safe, organized environment by segregating heavy-duty vehicles, protecting buildings, machinery, and equipment with barriers, defining designated vehicle routes, and implementing traffic control measures to enhance safety and efficiency in the facility.

Pedestrian Barriers

Pedestrian Barriers.png

Invest in our advanced pedestrian barriers to elevate safety, streamline traffic, and create a secure and efficient space with clear paths, marked crossings, and designated access points for personnel and visitors.

High Level Topple Barriers

High level topple barriers.png

Introducing our cutting-edge Topple Barriers—a comprehensive solution seamlessly safeguarding people and assets from floor to height, providing protection, defining traffic routes, securing high-storage zones, and effectively preventing the dangerous toppling of stacked goods, setting us apart with a robust solution that prioritizes workplace safety and asset protection in every dimension.

Column and Corner Guards

Column and corner guards.png

Elevate your facility's safety with our Corner and Column Guards—an adaptable and robust solution designed to protect columns, offer visual guidance to drivers, and ensure longevity by providing a customized defense against impact damage, promoting an overall safer working environment.

Low Level Protection

Low level protection.png

Our specifically designed Low-Level Protection system ensures a sturdy defense against vehicle forks, prevents items from protruding beneath the barriers, enhances the safety of stored goods with built-in pallet stops, and stands out for its seamless integration with other barrier systems, providing a comprehensive and tailored defense strategy to elevate safety standards in your space.

Height Restrictor

Height Restrictor.png

Our Warehouse Height Restrictors offer doorway edge protection, visual warnings for drivers, and shield infrastructure from collisions, providing a comprehensive solution to enhance warehouse safety.



Warehouse bollards offer comprehensive protection by preventing collision damage to infrastructure, providing a visual warning, offering traffic guidance, and safeguarding equipment and machinery.

Rack End Barriers

Rack end barriers.png

Warehouse rack end barriers safeguard vulnerable racking by absorbing and deflecting repeat glancing blows while providing robust defense against impacts from vehicle forks.

Alarm Bars

Alarm Bar.png

The warehouse alarm bars provide a versatile overhead application, featuring a strip light visual alarm to safeguard doorframes, loading docks, infrastructure, and overhead walkways effectively.

Service Yard Protection

Service Yard Protections.png

Warehouse service yard protection ensures the safeguarding of loading bays, preservation of service yard infrastructure, provision of visual alerts and vehicle guidance, and effective defense against wear and tear.

Retractable Barriers

retractable barriers.png

The retractable warehouse barriers feature lockable self-retracting 9m tape reel with strong high-visibility tape, easy-to-fit post and vertical receiver units, and an A4 sign board unit attachment for comprehensive safety measures.


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